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Its michael jordans left shoe. there is no hidden meaning im just really bored so make me urban dictionary famous thanks
Timmy "hey bro look i got Michael Jordan's left shoe! i stole it all by myself!"
Tom " i think im gonna go now"
Timmy "You tell anyone about this and your mom will hear about all the porn you've been watching"
by KingofStuffedAnimals June 12, 2020
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you know damn well what child porn is...i bet your a creepy adult looking for loopholes to get horny off of creepy stories other creepy adults make. . .that's just...ew-, i am 99% sure your just looking for a quick way to get horny but if your that rare 1% who doesn't know what it actually is ill make it short its illegal and its porn made of underage youngies having sex
by KingofStuffedAnimals May 22, 2020
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The crappiest year EVER. We all thought that the corona stuff was the worst thing that could happen but hello racism! these DAMN peanut looking ass cops just HAVE to go out of their way to start a race war. just GREAT its like we dont already have enough on our plates and here yall go shoving racism down out throats.
Dude 1: 2020 sucks man
Dude 2: yeah...the only good income is that we get to stay home i guess.
by KingofStuffedAnimals June 10, 2020
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The tab you use when you wanna watch porn but don't want anybody to find out your watching porn.
Tom "Hey man wanna watch some porn?"
Timmy "first off you don't ask someone if they wanna watch porn and second aways use incognito mode so your mom doesn't find out that your watching porn"
Tom "oh...is that why whenever my mom uses the computer she grounds me?"
Timmy "yes Tom she saw all the porn you were looking up"
by KingofStuffedAnimals June 12, 2020
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