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1. A chicken purchased from a butcher that has unusually long legs and dry yellow skin. Basically, a chickon is the exact opposite of what you'd look for when selecting a tasty chicken from a butcher. It is usually what is left of the fresh chicken at the end of the day because no one has purchased it.

The term originates in the Caribbean from the late musical legend Bob Marley. The term is properly pronounced as "Chik-kahn"

2. A chick who is unattractive, but is still bangable. She's the girl who you'd only call up if you had no one else to meet up with for a good shag.
1. David: Aw man, that fried stuff I had for lunch was terrible. Yuk.
Greg: What was it?
David: Chickon!

2. Ed: Hey Mark, remember that chickon I danced with last weekend at the club?
Mark: What the ugly one who had the nice long legs but no ass? Yeah I remember her. How could I forget.
Ed: Matt got her number and went out with her last night.
Mark: Well, that's cause Matt's a virgin and can't do any better. He doesn't hang out with too many chicks.
by Tis Vigo! January 28, 2008
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a tasty, meaty treat that goes well with fries and a coke ... often kentucky fried.
mmmm this chickon tastes gooooood
by baller_123 August 06, 2005
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