1. square shaped bubble gum.

2. teeth
Rusty went to the market and got some chickets.

Roscoe just got his chickets blasted out in once punch.
by cardinal_fan October 14, 2004
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A young woman that is far too young for an older man to hook up with, but is still very pleasing eye-candy.
That bartender is way hot! Too bad she's just a Chicklet.
by Tankboy February 13, 2006
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Another word for tooth, or teeth (chicklets). Derived from the chewing gum "Chicklets" which actually look like perfectly square white teeth.
When I decked the fucker, he spit out three of his chicklets.

I shoved the lumber in his face, and got three minutes in the box, but he lost two of his chicklets.
by T. Lux. July 11, 2003
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Aside from the other definitions, Chicklet is a pop-dance-rock-techno-weird band from Toronto. They aren't well known. They are awesome.
chickletmusic.com, checkit.
by soliloquy January 25, 2005
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