A phrase used to describe a feeling or action when you don't know how to word it. Can also be used when someone doesn't agree with the description you used. Usually said by younger kids.
Nathan: "You're not scared. You've never been afraid of anything."
Lindsay: "Okay, fine, I don't know how to explain what I think. You know what? Call it chicken salad. Either way, what I'm saying is that I just don't want to do it."
by Awkward~Glances June 25, 2009
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When at least three dudes whack-off into a can of chicken chunks, making what would normally be chicken salad, but instead of mayonnaise, it is replaced with the jizzim of the three or more dudes.
Hey Ian, you should come over tonight, Joel and I are gonna make some hott nasty chicken salad.
by WaynoMack November 17, 2011
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Oft attributed to Liam Gray of Rhode Island, the true origins of Chicken Salad are far more sinister. Recent research has revealed that Benedict Arnold, the much reviled traitor, in fact developed chicken salad. He used the distribution of it to mask his traitorous errands.

The popularity of the food among some types of people can be attributed to the addictive chemicals found in Satan’s anal perspiration, and hair (mayonnaise, and celery respectively).

This has come as a shock to those that find themselves supporting the recipe of an infamous traitor, and vindication to the true patriots who have always known chicken salad is terrible.
I can’t believe you served Chicken Salad! Do you hate America?!
by Trog July 05, 2020
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A phrase used when a Quarterback drops the snap and picks it back up and throws a complete pass down the field.
Commentator of WVU vs. Texas game: "Ash drops the snap, picks it back up, and makes some Chicken Salad throwing that ball for a first down." (Actually used in the WVU vs. Texas football game in 2012)
by HowdyDoody October 06, 2012
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Where someone sticks there finger up their ass,and goes to somebody and says, "Smell this chicken salad I had for lunch."If the person is stupid enough it should work.
Joker:Hey dude smell this chicken salad I had for lunch.

by Dirtyd17x November 18, 2009
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When one covers a male or female with mayonnaise and slaps him or her with raw chicken cutletts.
Chicken salading is really in with the kids lately.
by Your mom.com12 October 13, 2015
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