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A method of male masturbation. The hand movement of using the actual salt shaker but on your 8=====D.
Bill: "Hey Jeff, guess what I tried last night!"

Jeff: "I don't wanna know"
Bill: "of course you do! I used the salt shaker method to whack it! It was amazing!"
by HowdyDoody October 06, 2012
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The coolest mother fucking name anyone could ever have.
Damn did you see that Hjort he is cool as Shit.

Those Hjort's are the coolest mother fuckers in town... No the world!

See also: winner and kickass walking dead road to survival player
by HowdyDoody June 28, 2016
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A phrase used when a Quarterback drops the snap and picks it back up and throws a complete pass down the field.
Commentator of WVU vs. Texas game: "Ash drops the snap, picks it back up, and makes some Chicken Salad throwing that ball for a first down." (Actually used in the WVU vs. Texas football game in 2012)
by HowdyDoody October 06, 2012
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refers to one who is a zeta at BSC.
look at that girl she just pledged ZTA, tonight she's going to get drunk at the pledge party and post what frat guy she bangs on her livejournal.
I know what a slapper!
by HowdyDoody December 29, 2007
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