an amazing food consisting of fried parts of the chicken that ironically arn't fingers
damn those are good chicken fingers and fries
by Stanley West November 29, 2005
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1.) when a guy starts putting his hands down a girls pants, but then wimps out. pussy.

2.) a delicious fried snack.....made of boneless chicken!
1.) that fucking wimp was about to stick his hand down into her poonanie, but he got fuckin chicken fingers!

2.) hey, how about that time i was hungry and i ate chicken fingers?!
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C.F - a girl named Katlin from queen of peace. Fingers herself in class. I guess she just cant get a guy to do it. sux for her
"we call her chicken fingers bc guys put bags over their heads and push her head down when they want an easy blow."
((but dont care to see her ugly buck tooth face..of course))
by jaaaaaaaackie April 23, 2005
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In bowling, 3 strikes in a row is a "turkey". Four (4) strikes in a row is a "ham bone". So.....I propose five (5) strikes in a row be named "chicken fingers".
Marge got 5 strikes in a row__"chicken fingers"
by drcft July 8, 2019
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One of lifes most simple, yet best, pleasures.
A good show and a bucket o' chicken fingers. What could be better?

by PFFFFFT November 17, 2007
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the act of making sweet love to a hot lady on the beach and during her climax removing your penis from her vagina and rubbing in the sand and proceeding to re-insert it as far in as possible (this makes it hard for her to get the sand out, she'll be cranky for days.) After this tumultuous sexual experience, you should definitely comment on all of the sand in her vagina.
My ho was being a bitch and told me to wrap it up, so I took her to the beach and gave her the chicken finger.
by johan bach July 22, 2003
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The act of sticking a crispy, fried chicken finger (chicken tender) in a woman's vagina. This can be enhanced by using certain condiments as lube, such as honey mustard, barbecue sauce, or the always delicious ketchup.
Hey Colin, I'll give you 10 dollars if you chicken finger that girl tonight.

After I pulled out, I started chicken fingering her so hard.
by imallen November 10, 2010
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