A funny ha ha song that was sung by the ingenious robot loli Gir. With the simple song that consisted of screeching and the satisfaction of yummy yummy chicken and rice, he was able to practically force children to risk their lives to hold hands (before marriage).
(At Hot Topic)
Quirky Girl : "Wow look at this Invader Zim shirt! It says Chicken & Rice like from the movie! Hee hee hoo hoo"
Regular Being: "You are a piss goblin"
by xxPiss_Lordxx January 13, 2020
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Steroids. Whenever insert Hollywood celebrity here is asked how he managed to gain 40lbs of muscle in 4 months, he'll always say that it was a lot of "Chicken rice & broccoli."

See also: dat dere celltech
"Bro what are you talking about? Of course Chris Hemsworth is natural. He said it on the Tonight Show, it was just 6 months of chicken rice & broccoli."
by Max2000 July 11, 2021
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by MessengerNagol March 18, 2019
a common food of people of afro carribean descent. in fact it s extremely popular; so much so that bird flu would destroy their diet
me go out get some chicken rice n peas; easy what u saying blud? You want to eat; how about the usual: chicken rice n peas??
by blondie34 March 29, 2006
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When something is just meant to go together and the only definition which can conquer the amazing beauty of it is, like chicken on rice.
That outfit goes together like chicken on rice!
by forksvamp April 30, 2012
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Slang term for a Halal food cart on the corner of 53rd St and 6th Ave in Manhattan, New York City. The platter is the most common thing ordered which consists of chicken, lamb, and beef served over yellow rice with white sauce. It is the most delicious meal in the world.
Chicken and Rice does not need an example, go experience it for yourself.
by CupBdown March 5, 2008
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