To needlessly pester someone without emotion, reason, or need, but strictly for one's own amusement. To purposely intend to irritate someone (typically without previous instigation) for no forseeable benefit to either party.

The term, while derived from an Indian college student, is, by definition, in no way related to Jal Chibber.
It turned out Dr. Xeeksay just wanted to chibble me
by JizzaShizza May 21, 2011
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N: marijuana
V: the act of smoking marijuana
ADJ: being high on marijuana
N: Call Bob, maybe he knows where we can find some chibble.
V: Let's go over to Bone's house. Bring your pipe so we can chibble on the way.
ADJ: Look at Cali's eyes, he looks so chibbled.
by Reggie Noles November 03, 2005
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A small piece of poop that doesn't flush the first time.
Mable powdered her nose in the mirror to the hiss of the filling toilet and glanced down at the bowl. A chibble had bobbed back up from below and was now circling the bowl. She waited for the hissing to stop and flushed again. Satisfied it finally went down, she returned to the party.
by ThotsRpuhn December 25, 2016
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Actually means anything u want it too, jus think it sounds decent.
Ur mum's a chibble
Wer we going ma chibbles
by FatAzz06 May 05, 2006
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What an affectionate dog (often a puppy) does to a person or sometimes another dog they like. A chibble is done with front teeth and is very quick in motion. It is not biting because the mouth does not open wide and it is not a form of aggression. Chibbling is the series of chibbles. Sometimes a chibble can pinch so it is important to know the. Dog is showing affection not trying to injure.
When a puupy sees a person she/he loves the dog shows love by chibbling on the human's skin or clothes.
by Maxiethedog July 20, 2013
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"To break or chew up into small pieces" An actual word my family used, and still uses, from when I was a child. For example, the dog never ate my homework when I was a kid. Rather, the mice chibbled up my homework. There were twelve children in my family so there was a lot of chibbling done around our house. By reason of an extraordinary amount of use over the years of the word with this meaning it should be seen as the true meaning of the word "chibble".
V: I'm sorry Mrs. Ungerecht, the mice chibbled my homework last night while I was sleeping.

N: Hey, what are these chibbles of paper doing all over the floor?
by M. D. Perelli July 17, 2013
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Cum ejaculated on the face of an individual performing fellatio and the semen trickles down and dribbles off the person's chin. See also Chincicles.
Monica gave Bill a suck job of a lifetime. Bill blew his hot load all over her face. His man goo ran down her cheeks and the Chibbles stained her little black dress.
by Eaton Holgoode May 06, 2015
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