So you can call a friend with whom you have fun for a long time when you meet. He is like delicious gum
Yo chewits! lets go to party!
Hey chewits!
Chewits look! i make snowman from pillows
by swagin.s January 6, 2021
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1) The name given to a person that doesn't know how to interact with the opposite sex and/or is not accepted into society

2) Term given to a lanky streak with no real friends

3) Another term for a sheep
1) good god look at that nob he is makin a right chewit of himself

2) not again who invited the chewit
by alfonzo050893 July 31, 2009
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Adult with learning difficulties
"I work with adults with learning difficulties"
"Oh you mean chewits"
by SteveDave May 9, 2003
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A fruit flavoured chewey sweet found in europe cleverly mixed with hard drugs ie cocaine, esctasy, heroin, ketamine.
See also Fuck starburst (formally Fuck opal fruits)
Tom and Chipper were gurning like monkeys after twatting a whole pack of fuck chewits.
by Bobolovski October 5, 2006
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a phrase said by someone who wants to give out vimto chewits
Louis: ey

Dom: yo louis

Louis: do you want a vimto chewit lad

Dom: yes lad
by buy me free games September 18, 2018
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