A cheap chinese person or chink; that may or may not practice Judaism, they just need to be extremely cheap, like your typical Jew. (yamaka optional)

Chinese + Jewish = Chewish
Chigger: β€œYo, what's crackalackin?”
Redneck: β€œCan I trouble you fo 37 cents? Need postage to mail sumting to my cuz, er I mean wife.”
Chigger: β€œDem cracker, get to steppin, I aint got it”
Redneck: β€œcom'on, stop being chewish.”
by sumchink July 28, 2006
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A family that observes and celebrates both Christian and Jewish holidays, feasts and customs.
Joshua and Mary are being raised Chewish because their mother is Baptist and their father is Jewish.
by PJX October 16, 2017
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when someone is talking while they are eating this is the language they are speaking
person1: "So mmm(crunch)mmm Whats mmm(chew)mmm happening mm....
Person2: Oh, I didn't know you speak chewish?
by Keith.C November 28, 2004
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