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A very unique name, often used for children of holy nature. Often becoming saints, it is clear that anyone named Chesca is a truly brilliant person, and extremely kind, talented, generous, etc.
Saint Chesca ;)
by cmcg24 June 29, 2010
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she's my bestfriend

she co-represents LOVE or any of the like.

A pronoun for awesome. She also is a noun and an adjective.

she's beautiful and she will rock your socks off with her dance moves!
You're shirt is sooooo Chesca.

Oh my god I love your outfit it's so chesca.

Hi chesca, you're my bestfriend.
by Mr. Paolo April 14, 2011
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a complete asshole excuse for a friend who will most likely throw you aside even if she's known you for a very very long time (maybe around eight or so years), for another person who's more into what she's into at the moment, despite everything you've been through together. If you have a chesca, might as well ditch her now before she ditches you first.
by watercup1234567890 September 16, 2016
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