zhong chenle. member of NCT and child prodigy from china. he is NCT Dream's main vocal. he is talented and very hardworking. he is incredibly talented and hardworking. he has impressive vocals and his dancing is fast improving.
'zhong chenle is so good at singing'
'chenle works very hard at what he does'
'chenle's parents are very proud of him'
by cutedongyoung January 28, 2019
Chenle is a very talented singer who started his career at the young age of 9 years old.
He is currently one of the main vocalists of nct dream and is known for being one of nct's most talented idols.
"omg chenle is so talented!!"
"He has such a beautiful voice!!"
by Astralchenle January 30, 2019
Zhong Chenle.

A hardworking Chinese KPOP star who debuted at the age fifteen, and has been performing in front of professional eyes since the age of 9. His audition for China's Got Talent went viral as his vocal cords wowed the judges, especially since he had incredible stability and tone for such a young singer. He joined SM Entertainment in March of 2016 and only trained for about two months before debuting with NCT Dream. He may be incredibly famous for his "dolphin laugh", but his powerful vocals strike fear in all singers alive. Not only is he an incredible performer, he is an incredibly sweet and loving boy.
Wow, I wish I could be more Chenle-like. Maybe I would be more popular.
by kireb January 29, 2019
The second youngest member of NCT & NCT Dream who is a great singer. Many people ship him with NCT’s maknae, Park Jisung. When he laughs, he sounds like a dolphin, and every NCTzen knows and loves that about him. His name is pronounced ChAN-LA and sometimes Chen-LAY.
Chenle: *happy*
Chenle: ha HA HA

by Don’tAsk5 July 4, 2019
Chenle is a synonym of best boy. You use Chenle when you wanna describe someone as talented, hardworking, adorable, kind, loving humanbeing. You just love Chenle because you love Chenle. You don't say you don't love Chenle because you love him.
: omg, he's so Chenle!!
: IKR, he's like the bestest boy ever, people should stop sleeping on him!
by chenleavatar September 11, 2020
that dude from nct dream who will win the rooftop fight.
czennie: bro, who do you think will win?
czennie: bro, it’s gonna be chenle.
by elyxionssi December 31, 2021
The kid with a very broad forehead,
also a living meme (just like Hansol Vernon Chwe)
Chenle's forehead is bigger than mine
by Ty_Track_ February 6, 2017