A deranged group of individuals who have somehow let their lives slip so much out of their own grasp that they now devote it to 23 men by the name of NCT under SM entertainment. They live and breathe the color green. They do not go outside and socialize. This term could be synonymous with nctzens or losers.
“The czennies are back at it again…”
“That czennie needs to get a life!”
by injoeImie July 12, 2021
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a group of bitches that don’t stop using urban dictionary to sexualize and say stupid shit about nct.
“czennie never stop using urban dictionary please stfu
by user jungwooDNl September 11, 2021
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people who need to shut up. freaks.
that girl is a czennie that’s why she smells so bad and is such a loser
by cherrybombtaeil May 13, 2022
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