Chelsy is a girl who goes through a lot but doesn't want to burden other people with her problems so she keeps it all bottled up. Chelsy usually has a very bubbly personality, but will be very quiet around people she doesn't know. She is a very loyal friend, but will fight against a friend if they turn on her. She is very hard headed and goes for what she wants in life. Chelsy can be a sporty person but would rather be at home watching Netflix. Chelsy tells it like it is, she isn't going to treat you like a baby.
by coolgirl7 April 7, 2018
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The best person ever! Very musical! Doesn’t like to be asked to do things. She doesn’t build off she takes off. If you can befriend a Chelsy consider yourself lucky
Person 1:how is she so good at everything

Person 2:I don’t know, she must be a Chelsy
by ratchetrechel February 17, 2018
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a gorgeous, beautiful, artistic girl whos very articulate with eyes you could get lost in and a smile which could launch a thousand ships!
-hey that bitch is fine!

-yeah shes a Chelsy alright
by McGinty22 February 4, 2010
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Is a girl who will do anything for the person she loves. She is very beautiful and won’t let anyone tell her she’s not. And she knows she weird and won’t change for anyone. She has real friends not fake ones. She hope the best for people. She loves most country music. She is an all rounded amazing person.
Hey is that Chelsy because I wish she was my friend
by Reallytrue2006 May 26, 2018
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Is the most beautiful girl on earth! She usually acts like she doesn’t care but really she cares a lot about you and people around her. You are lucky to have a chelsy in your life!
Chelsy: are you ok?
Me: yeah thanks!
Chelsy: whatever!
by Sotruelol333 November 13, 2019
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Usually blonde, amazing beautiful inside and out. If you find one she will the most loyal friend you can ever have. Her heart is bigger than the word and no one could ever hate her. She has curves like and hour glass and smarts like a dolphine.
So was so sweet, she had to be a Chelsy
by Johnny Loffeto February 4, 2010
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chelsy is an alpha, she is really good at pooping and has a big rear-end ifykwim 🤫
human: omg is that chelsy?? She has a huge hind-quarter ong!!
Gianna: yup chelsy got that wap fr!! she an alpha DONT mess with her
by ooga booga ur mom March 20, 2022
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