A person who is intimidated by large groups of people and is therefore afraid to speak. This person will hardly ever say a word, but will laugh with the group and look interested. However, this person will be very talkative outside of a large group of people.
Uh-oh, Tatiana has Chelsea Syndrom. She hasn't said a word all day.
by Seanie G August 12, 2007
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A situation when someone physically appears to be older than s/he really is. For example, Chelsea Handler appears to be at least 44, but in reality, she's only 34.
X: Man, the past 10 yrs since graduation have been rough on Kate.
Y: Yeah, considering we are only 28 and she looks 40. Classic case of Chelsea Handler Syndrome if I've ever seen it!
by Pippenstock October 9, 2009
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When you are so incredibly ugly as a child/adolescent, you are hailed as beautiful for having average looks as an adult.
Randomperson1: OMG! Remember when the Smith's daughter was a complete troll?
Randomperson2: Yes she is stunningly attractive these days!
Randomperson3: Argh, she is jus tsuffering from Chelsea Clinton Syndrome...
by Furious__Styles February 17, 2010
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A condition suffered by male individuals who buy a briefly trending item of clothing & decide that they are now fashion icons or highly fashionable.
Brandon has crazy Chelsea boot syndrome ever since he got those kicks he’s been calling anyone who doesn’t have ‘em lame.
by Urbandirtyface May 22, 2018
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Also known as CHS

A condition in which you've watched so much 'Chelsea Lately' or 'The Chelsea Handler Show' that you've come to talk, look, and move your body like her. You say things like 'shadoobie', 'pikachu', and 'little nugget', all while trashing Britney Spears. When you say things that you got from Chelsea, some people (recognizing your reference) will say "OKAY, Chelsea Handler" But as an addict, you find it complimenting.
Girl - "HELLO. I'm Kari Mackenzie, watch as I go DEEEEEEEP inside my halloween candy."
Sister - "OKAY, Chelsea Handler"
Girl - "Not my fault, I have Chelsea Handler Syndrome"
by Kari Mackenzie February 7, 2008
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