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Skanky women with unusually ugly arm hair or lip hair.

They like to sleep around and always think they look good when really.... they look ugly, slutty or skanky.
girl 1) hey you know that slut that slept with like everyone in our year?

girl 2) yeah the passlow?

girl 1) yeah well she has to bleach her lip cause she has a mustache!!

girl 2) oh that's nothing have a look at the ware-wolf arms lol
by urmanisuglysoru June 16, 2011
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very low standards sexually, also unable to be monogamous.
"oh my god she slept with him..... and him??? Definetly a passlow!!"

Did she cheat again?? thats soo passlow
by dontbejelousap March 23, 2011
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