To continuously hit a Blunt or a Joint without exhaling
Damn bro stop cheifing my blunt, pass that shit already.
by PhixFeind September 23, 2019
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Hanging out with friends; having a good time, kicking it with the boys.
Ex: wyd? We’re just here cheifing
by Whatsupwitittho June 8, 2018
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When smoking weed, taking more than an appropriate number of hits of a blunt (primarily one that is not filled with your weed)
Damn dude, you're Cheifing the hell out of my blunt and you didn't even throw in
by Stephen Strouse January 7, 2009
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when someone is hogging and not passing to anyone else something you're supposed to hit and pass such as hookah, a blunt, etc.
Man, stop cheifing it and pass it to me!
by CaitlinKassel July 17, 2008
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to smoke or inhale a drug more than likly marajuana
by SexyOne March 13, 2005
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