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To be a chegan is to be a cheating vegan (a vegetarian who also doesn't eat animal products) but chegan's sometimes "cheat" hence the term (ch)egan is created. chegans do not eat eggs in any circumstances but they may cheat on occasion and eat a milk product such as cheese or milk chocolate. Chegans refer to themselves initially as Vegans as to prevent a social faux pas when eating out or attending a party. Chegans are far superior to vegans.
Chegans are hated by all Vegans because it's believed that Chegans are disrespectful and stupid to take the title of somthing they're not. Vegans and Chegans are at a dietary war stand still.
Though officially Chegans are just as well respected in the conservative diet community as Vegans.
Person 1: "Are you hungry?"
Chegan: "Yeah, i haven't eaten in two days."
Person 2: "Well my wife made dinner tonight, though she puts cheese on everything."
Person 1: "Oh no! My friend is a Vegan!"
Chegan: "Oh no! It's ok, I'm a Chegan, and i'm starving!"
Person 2: "Oh, ok?"
Chegan: "I'll eat the cheese, it's ok."
Person 1: "When did you become a Chegan?"
Chegan: "Since you met me."
Person 1: "That's creative."
by vegan babe December 11, 2009
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A combination between a boy named Chad and a girl named Megan who hate each other on the outside but are secret lovers. The spawn of this couple can also be referred to as chegan. *The derogatory term for chegan is a cheg
One day the chegan race will rule the world
The chegs must die!
by insert clever pseudoynm here September 25, 2010
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A chegan is a person who only eats chips, chicken and cheese
Izzy is such a chegan, she only ever eats chips, cheese or chicken
by Cheganclub February 12, 2013
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