The cheese-version of Jesus. Yes, there is a cheese-Jesus:
Dude, I was eating some Cheese whilst praying to Jesus(the baby version), and my cheese just like, turned into the face of my Lord, and I was like, "WHOA MAN IT'S CHEEZUS."
by CheezusWorshiper August 14, 2009
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The cheese Jesus
The only real God
I refuse to believe anything that isn't Cheezus.

100% real
Religious b*tch:Turn to Jesus
Me: I worship cheezus
by DogSaysHiDontConntact April 14, 2021
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The god of Cheese-Its. He is the patron saint of Halo 3 players. In order to gain his favor, a sacrifice of your entire team must be made. His blessings grant victory on the battlefield.
Private Arbolez betrays his teammate zogmufukui and then kills himself to gain Cheezus' favor.
Zogmufukui: WTF man!
Private Arbolez: Don't worry bro, Cheezus will let us win.
End of Match, their team wins.
Private Arbolez: Cheezus be praised.
Zogmufukui: Whatever...
by tehgreatestmanevar July 10, 2013
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A pun on the curse, Jesus Crisp. Mostly used by people who can't say, "Jesus Christ", people with a sense of humor, or hungry people.
Church Student, "Cheezus Crisp!"
Priest, "Did you just say Jesus's name in vain?!"
Church Student, "No, I said cheese... I'm kind of hungry..."
Priest, "Ah, ok, continue on with your work."
by Pinesal January 10, 2009
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Similar to Jesus Christ, used to express anger/frustration when trying to decide upon what to eat when with friends.

The term sparks the thought of pizza, usually making and food related argument end.

2. To express your holy love of pizza, usually followed with All Toasty, as compared to all mighty. Although not common, toasty can be replaced with melty, cheesy and greasy.
A. I want Kfc!
B. But Tgi fridays is better
C. Screw fridays! Taco bell it is!
A. B. C. Pizza!!!

A. God I love pizza! CHEEZUS CRUST ALL TOASTY!!!
by Rowedahelicon August 18, 2008
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The savior of all, and made entirely of cheeze. He loves everyone, but if you piss him off he will send his battalion of sea-monkeys to pick your bones clean!
by CheezeMasta August 26, 2003
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