The act of making plans with a friend, or group of friends, then then abandoning said plans without reason, warning, or provocation. Always performed with no consideration for time or convenience.
"Andrew called me last night to hang out, but then totally cheevesed me!"
by Mel E. January 21, 2009
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To chat up a woman in a sleazy and cheesy manner, the majority of the time with no success and usually makes all other guys cringe when watching. Can also involve bragging about certain assets such as new cars and houses etc
He was really cheevesing on that woman last night!
by A Nonomous July 26, 2007
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This occurs when a queef (vaginal flatulence) combines with a chafe (the act of skin rubbing, resulting in a rash). When a lady queefs so hard that it chafes the vaginal lips it is known as a "cheefe".
My husband is hung like a mastodon. If I don't use the special lube, I will let out a loud, painful cheefe. And he'll laugh, he doesn't understand lady problems.
by phillycheez February 16, 2011
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