Two horny as hell Mormon kids in their early 20s tent camping, gently caressing one another's upper thighs, while naked, avoiding direct contact of one another's genitals, trying to remain virgins.
While Kimberly gently gave Paul a Telluride at the Bluegrass Festival she pretended to "accidentally" brush his scrotum, even though it was intentionally designed to heighten her fiancés arousal and test his virtuous discipline.
by Billy Chandler December 6, 2013
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The South Korean, a better valued, and more reliable version of a Cadillac Escalade.
A man had owned a 2002 Toyota Highlander and loved it, but then the car was starting to show its age and he decided he wanted to upgrade. He checks out a few different car brands before going to Kia. He then checks out the 2020 Kia Telluride and falls in love with the very good space, the tech features, and how the car felt more expensive versus the competition. He then drives the car home and thinks in his head that it is the best car he has ever owned.
by Sdsr70 November 23, 2019
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