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you lookin fine my little cheesemuffin!

what would i do without my cheesemuffin.

Wanna be my cheesemuffin!?!?!?
by Anonomyistical July 10, 2008
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bunching your 'package' up, and rubbing it on someone.
Amy: oh my god man, beau totally just cheese muffin'd tim!
Kyra: yeah haha, i totally saw that.
by AMEEEEEEEH September 15, 2009
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Tasty delight full treat invloving a muffin, filled with cheese (most common, blue or goat cheese)
by Derek Doo October 07, 2003
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Usually an adjective for a generic or dopey female. One that usually wears tacky or 'cheesy' clothes; ie: Budweiser
tanks and mom jeans would indicate a 'cheesemuffin'.
Jessica Simpson was a total cheesemuffin when she didn't have a stylist. The crimped hair and leopard unitards personified her as a cheesemuffin.
by Audrey J. May 20, 2008
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Either a very diseased muffin or a person that is annoying or pissing you off!
"Mr Gumpy is such a Cheesemuffin!"
by Kerpal September 29, 2003
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A phrase commonly used by Cody. Replaces any and all swear words.
by Mother February 25, 2004
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A Cheese muffin is something absurd and really nasty
Bobby: Sarah stands on the corner giving out free cheese muffins
Billy: EWW that's nasty
by Bobby Beans November 09, 2008
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