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A celebratory sexual act in which a man demonstrates his approval of his female counterpart's oozing yeast infection by masturbating himself in the immediate presence of the aforementioned goopy vagina and ejaculating a generous layer of pearly white icing onto the moist cheesy muffin.

*Cheesecaking works epecially well when the female has brown pubic hair to create an appearance of a graham cracker crust.
Woman: Not tonight Bob, I've got a yeast infection.
Man: ...Gimme that gooey taco, Bitch. You about to get cheesecaked.
by asem44 January 05, 2011
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A marker used by homosexuals to indicate sexual interest in a heterosexual, typically by leaving slices or whole cheesecakes on ones property. The more cheesecake, the higher the interest.
Francisco cheesecaked the new warehouse guy's Camaro last night.
by Nickel Slots May 28, 2018
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