Used one time after a person says something silly, goofy or corny, or behaves in a similar way.
Or, on a regular basis, to describe someone who says things or behaves in silly, goofy or corny ways repeatedly.
Melvinis acting like a total cheeseball
by Soob March 19, 2004
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Someone, usually a male around his teenage years who pretends to be funny. He uses mostly slapstick humor (usually involving the removal of his own clothing or the putting on of woman's clothing), corny old jokes or in general just acts like a three year old.

As a former cheeseball myself I can attest that most cheeseballs use this humor to try to get cheap laughs out of people in hope that they will like them more. 99% of the time the cheeseball just looks like a jackass however that 1% the cheeseball miraculously goes about making friends.
"Look at me Lila I'm a Viking!" as this particular cheeseball blocks the path of his girlfriend in an aisle while wearing Viking horns.

"I can speak bird - 'meow, meow'" - said as someone points at a pidgeon in a park.

Guy A: Wow you like men
Guy B: No you like men
Guy A: No she likes men (pointing at a girl)
Guy B: Haha girls like men! (Both in this case were cheeseballs)
by zachKorner February 25, 2008
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Coming from the word "cheesy", "lame", usually refers to guy who tries to act hot but fails greatly at it. Just think of a greasy cheeseball.
by IP November 16, 2004
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A person who often says corny things at the wrong times, thinking they are funny and cool. Usually can be found wearing the typical cheeseball attire: polo shirts that are too tight with a possible popped collar, shoes that are supposedly Italian leather, and hair with enough gel in it to start a small housefire.
Me: Man, that Wesley Turner guy sure is a cheeseball.

Kevin: Yeah, almost as bad as Jody Cataldo.
by DboyFresh March 18, 2009
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A genuine person that sometimes just can't hold the cheese in.
The typical cheeseball is the sweetest boyfriend that is always ready to put a smile on your face.
My cheeseball usually makes me happy happy happy without even trying and happens to be my favorite person ever.
-sorry if I'm a cheese ball sometimes
-I love that you are a cheese ball hahaha
-I haven't ever been so it's definitely your fault

-you're such a cheeseball :)
-I just say what I think
by italiandork December 24, 2019
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A person who takes extra bases in a softball game when his team is ahead by a large number of runs.
This typically occurs when the player legs out an infield single and becomes angry because the other team's poor-throwing defenders throw balls that nearly hit the cheeseball in the head.
Pitcher (after cheeseball in question is tagged out after trying to take another extra base): It's 14-2, Cheeseball!

Cheeseball: (muttered profanity).
by mrbesbol October 11, 2011
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