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The days leading up to your vacation/holiday, when you are no longer interested in work. You show up for work, but you are mentally "checked out."
I need to complete this project, but my vacation starts in two days. I can't seem to concentrate. I've completely checked out.
by heathenkitties December 16, 2016
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The period of time after you have given notice of resignation from a job before you actually leave. When you don't care about the work you are doing anymore or the general welfare of the business or the staff.

This can also be apply to someone who doesn't care about their job anymore and is about to quit.
Example: Hey Bob have you got those reports ready for Monday? Naah, I'm totally checked out.
by 1man April 03, 2008
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When you've lost attraction and feelings to your SO, but you don't bother to work it out because you know the relationship wouldn't have lasted anyways. So you just end up waiting around in the relationship until you finally find the most convenient time to break up, whether that be because of working or housing situation, etc.
Friend: You don't seen affected by your breakup
Friend 2: Yea, I was done checked out that relationship months before I broke up with him/her

Friend: Hey, did you get to enjoy the hotel pool on your last day?
Friend 2: Nah, didn't bother, I was done checked out before the pool even opened
by muddyduck March 25, 2020
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