A green leafy substance that adds flavor. Banned in many countries because it can also be smoked.
Can you please add some extra cheba to my sub sandwhich?
by zaphraud September 08, 2004
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home of the best toasted subs in arizona where all subs are named after weed.
person 1: "i'm really hungry"
person 2: "lets go to cheba hut for a nug of silver haze"
by civicy June 15, 2009
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thc-concentrated candies that get you baked as heyalllll
Tommy: Yo man, let's go finish off my ounce and get blazedddd
Cheech: Or I could have a cheba chew and save my lungs the burden
Tommy: whatever works, man!
by Cashed_Casey420 November 25, 2013
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