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When one kid copies answers from a smart kid in class, then another kid copies from him/her, and the someone copies off the kid who copied off the kid who copied from the smart kid, etc.

Eventually having everyone in the cheat chain having the smart kids answers, ideal for desks set in rows.
I'm really glad we organized that cheat chain on Friday, I actually have a chance of not failing.
by Gmagnum GJA February 24, 2009
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"I can't breathe, said Floyd as he was being suffocated. "I can't breathe" thought more than 100,000 victims as they were dying of Covid. "I can't breathe" chanted countless Americans in the streets, protesting enduring police brutality.
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When one kid copies off the smart kid and then lets someone else copy him or her . This often leads to misinterpretation of answers which results in putting the wrong answer which eventually fucks everyone in the ass side ways.
Effects of a Cheat Chain
Johnny : sick dude i just copied the answers off the kid who copied from the kid who copied the smart kid
*receives test the following day*
Johnny : how the fuck did i get an F ?!
*3 out of 20*
by G-SpotStimulator March 04, 2009
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an instrument used by one member of a relationship in the retaliation on another member of a longtime relationship when caught in a precarious predicament....then used to pull someone's truck from some deep ass mud.
When you've been with a chick for a while and still bangin' other brods; but she's been with other guys too so she doesn't care....until she actually catches you in the bedroom tied up 'cause you're into freaky shit like that and it turns out that so is she. You think you're in the clear as she leaves the room with a hot ass look in her eye and a lil' shit eatin grin on her face (you know the one, it means somethin' bad is about to go down but you want to see how it plays out cause you are into freaky shit as I established earlier) then all of a sudden...BOOOOMMMM, she's set the door way on fire and jumped through wearing nothing but a pair of your old football cleats (you know the ones, you left them by the sofa when you and tha guys played a pick up game and that dude screwed up his nuggets when he got his bitchass trampled by you and that other guy, and the other guy is a real fatass, like tippin' 5-0-0 atleast so you know that shit hurt like hell but you didn't give a damn cause that bitch has owed you fitty bucks for 7 months and you got down in his face and yelled "THAT'S 49-95 TA GO SUCKA!!" and he hobbled his ass to his mama' was a good day) for traction, BO-Tu-Koo-Koo war paint, and hand puppet named Whimpie, and she screams "GET THA CHEAT CHAIN BI-A-ITCH!!" so the other girl actually hauls ass to get the damn thing and well... she pretty much beats the fuck out of you from that point. Moral of this story kids: if you're going to cheat get a motel room atleast 3 hours away or don't have random chains just lying around the house where a dumb whore can get them.
by mr.niceguyseviltwin:roy July 31, 2009
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Refers to the sequential order of unfaithfful sexual liaisons shared by multiple partners. Although only one or two individuals may be aware of other specific individuals in the chain, there are theoretically an infinite number of partners in the chain.
"Tania is totally down with a no-strings attached while her husband is out of town and I've wanted to fuck her since she moved in next door."

"Bro I'd wear protection if I were you. I know for a fact she fucked my dealer and I know my dealer fucked Jessica bareback when her boyfriend was deployed in Iraq. I know because I was there and I fucked her too. That bitch is full of diseases science hasn't even discovered yet."

"You're right dude. I'd be in a fucking polluted cheat chain with Jessica and who knows what her boyfriend broght back from Iraq."
by Drunken Horde August 01, 2016
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