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1. An affirmative response
2. An exclamation
3. An agreeing response
4. A greeting
5. A phrase used when parting with someone
1. Chea, i can pick you up later.
2. CHEA!!!!
3. Chea, that is a good movie.
4. Chea, hows it goin.
5. I'll see you tomorrow, chea.
by Jack May 31, 2004
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1. Another way of saying YEA YA

2. The Ace of Spades in any card game
1. -Are you goin clubbin tonight Dunturrius?
-CHEA, is chu?

2. -Whoever has an Ace is gonna win this hand
-Wayull, I gotst the CHEA
-I'm gon have to fold deen
by afro muffuqa November 20, 2004
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Chea is another form of saying 'Yes, Yeah, Yeh, Yea' etc, when said it is usually pronounced with a firm sometimes loud voice, listen to any dipset song
Me: Aye! Jackson!
Jackson: CHEA!
Me: Chea!Killa!Aye!
by Jose87 October 20, 2006
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