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The name of a sport/method of pest control which has not become legal due to "human right" howevcer we must ask ourselves if this affliction of normal society is actually human and not some kind of plague, or the damned returning from the pits of hell. The game entails the extermination of as many chavs as possible within one's lifetime. Any method of elimination is allowed within the confines of the game ranging from tactical nuclear strikes and shot gun kills at close range to bludgeoning to death with another chav.
Start a petition now with your local council, 'legalise chav hunting' push the point that they could be used to test new military weapons on and to replace animals in animal testing labs, they could even be burned as an alternative fuel source.
'wooooooo chav hunting'
'let the chav hunt begin'
'I, the prime minster of great britain, proclaim chav hunting legal'
'chav hunting, the new olympic sport'
by PopeG Vth November 18, 2004
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A new olympic sport for the 2012 games has to be chav pigeon shooting. A variation of the original clay pigeon variety, this variant would involve launching Chavs from a large ballista into the air. The competitors would then shoot the Chavs with computer guided "smart" surface to air missiles to ensure maximum kill rate. Prior to the finals each competitor would have to go through 150 qualifying rounds to ensure that the maximum number of Chavs were dispatched.........PULL!
Chav Hunting Games set to become the growth sport of the decade!!
by Charaldan March 08, 2007
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Ahhhh yes,
Picture this: your out in your local park/street/shopping centre/buss/train station ect, ect and you spot some illiterate mo fo’s (not that they’d be bothered by being called mo fo) known as chav’s hanging around in Burberry (caps and scarves and possibly jackets if they had a good week with dealing there drugs) and possibly with a fag hanning out of there mouths and probably paying a really unnecessary game called happy slapy on some old man who dosnt have a fighting chance against a fag, shit, diesel smelling mob.
Seeing this you feel angry and that there is not enough ASBOS in your aria for the young, old innocent and frail!
So you turn to chav hunting, (wise choice)the following ways to chav hunt are only ideas and a few have been put into practice (sadly no chav was actually killed)

1) Buy a Burberry umbrella: when walking by a group of chav’s mercifully beat them over there heads! (in doing this I suggest you run for the closest and tallest tree or uh…jump on a buss)
2) chavmoble: this involves 8 9 inch nails or anything sharp enough to slash or puncture there tyres. you get the idea….
3) use any pest control item you can get you hands on preferably poisonous gasses and follow directions :D
4) use a gun/harpoon/helicopter air riffle and shoot the buggers >_<
5)the space between your ears use that too ^^
awwwwwh yeah!! chav hunting an family affair
by silentXlullaby November 10, 2006
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A game with rapidly increasing popularity in towns and cities all over Britain. The idea is to amass a gang of your own peers and take out as many chavs (see chav) as possible. The connoisseurs of this sport are pushing to make this sort of pursuit legal, and have achieved some success at local election level in many Northern English towns (see blackpool,bradford,burnley,york etc) and are vowing to make it a parliamentary and general election issue very soon. As soon as this sport is legalised we can kill the chavs, and save the world!

(see also euthanasia,mercy killing,extermination,pest control etc)
Me: You wanna go chav hunting?
You: Let's kill the scum!
by Jimbob May 05, 2005
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