'chati from coloquial Spanish "chato-a", Often confused with the English word "chatty" 1.n. A nice way of calling a beautiful woman with a small nose. 2. n. capitalized. A short name for Chari, Rosario
1. "Hey, chati, can I buy you a drink?"

2. "My sister Chati has not returned from school yet"

by Trianera April 30, 2010
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When a boy and a girl love eachother very much they become a couple and their stupid friends give them a great couple name. This one tends to be Chatie a mix of Chay and Katie. Hope you enjoy for all the Chatie lovers.
by the way chay has a tiny penis
Hey Chatie *see them raping eachothers faces*
by Ben roper July 16, 2018
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Usually used by older adults, it refers to the once popular Chaty Cathey doll. A Chaty Cathey continuously talks in a seemingly non stop fashion.

To be called a Chaty Cathey means that you should probably stop talking as it is annoying everyone around you.
"Abby sure does talk alot"

"yeah she's a real Chaty Cathey "
by Nick Triple July 20, 2008
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to talk for a long period of time with someone that you detest, generally on the computer, for the purpose of mocking that person or working on a school project
Althoug Sarah and Ryan hate each other, they stayed up all night chatiing, as they were assigned as partners for the oral history project.
by chippymunky117 May 10, 2009
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