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A nickname for Chad. Also a slang term for a pale man's scrotum after it has been stretched over another man's face during the act of tea bagging!
Haha, That chaster would light is nuts on fire and run through traffic if we told him it would cure his Arachibutyrophobia!!
by RanddomGuy June 03, 2009
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A dog who is a good pet but has a killer instinct. Very wolf like and eats any animal it can get its paws on. Besides those flaws he is a loving dog with tons of energy and will always have the heart of a kid.
"I love Chaster but sometimes he can be hard to deal with, he is always bringing dead animals into the house."
by Jhin, The Virtuoso March 21, 2018
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#1: a man who prides himself on his jello wrestling skills and ability to consume Pepe Lopez

#2: a guy who ejaculates on his arm in the womens restroom and runs wildly through the aisles of your local walmart feeling up chicks

#3: a synonym for the word, chode

#4: the name of a delicacy in some Amazonian tribes, consisting of the foreskin of a midget, vagina discharge and the horn of a rare white rhino

#5: a young blonde fellow whos goals in life include finding himself forearm deep in a farm animal, making bagels and eating wings.
Yep, that's Chaster!
by ThattGuy June 02, 2009
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