A dog who is a good pet but has a killer instinct. Very wolf like and eats any animal it can get its paws on. Besides those flaws he is a loving dog with tons of energy and will always have the heart of a kid.
"I love Chaster but sometimes he can be hard to deal with, he is always bringing dead animals into the house."
by Jhin, The Virtuoso March 21, 2018
#1: a man who prides himself on his jello wrestling skills and ability to consume Pepe Lopez

#2: a guy who ejaculates on his arm in the womens restroom and runs wildly through the aisles of your local walmart feeling up chicks

#3: a synonym for the word, chode

#4: the name of a delicacy in some Amazonian tribes, consisting of the foreskin of a midget, vagina discharge and the horn of a rare white rhino

#5: a young blonde fellow whos goals in life include finding himself forearm deep in a farm animal, making bagels and eating wings.
Yep, that's Chaster!
by ThattGuy June 2, 2009
When you have a random explosive diarrhea that makes an unbelievable amount of noise and smell and if it came out at just a slightly stronger velocity would lift you off the toilet. When it is over the inside of the toilet is completely caked with what ever your body had to evacuate in such an alarming manner.
I barely got to the toilet in time, the second I sat down I Chaster Blasted so hard man.

Sorry but I'm lactose intolerant, If I drink milk I Chaster Blast within 10 minutes.

Dude!!! Code Red!!!! No joke!!!! about to Chaster Blast MOVE OUT OF MY WAY!!!!
by G-vagas November 2, 2010
when you try and fart but you end up crapping your pants just a little bit.
Dude when I got up this morning I thought I had to fart but I Chaster sauced.

I'm afraid if I try and fart I will Chaster sauce.
by G-vagas November 2, 2010
Chaster is a Guardian who is very thicc and married to a handsome ventrexian who was the lord commanders second in command, Avocato. She has 4 kids (Rose, Kylo, Trico, and Estella.) Who she loves very much. Chaster is a sleepy, funny, chaotic, sexy badass with her teal and white soft fur she can handle anything. Chaster also has another side of her thats supposed to be her guardian side called Seven. Seven is a badass too with their giant claws to scratch and huge horns to go for the kill. Seven is supposed to protect chaster from any harm in her mind or around, kinda like a therapist but its the same person...
Anyway, Chaster and Avocato have been married for about 5 years now and will love each other forever and ever.
Chaster is a thicc guardian mama
by Chäsė March 27, 2021