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A girl or guy with a awesome figure/body

For a girl: a nice curvy and most often thin figure -and if she's tall that's a big plus.

For a guy: sometimes referred to as being "built"; typically some good amount of muscle or full out "ripped"; being tall is a plus too.
That tall blonde that just walked by us had awesome chassy.
by projectandriko July 29, 2009
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Someone who is amazing and incredible in every single way possible. They are very attractive and you just can't stop staring. All da bitches roll their eyes and snap there fingers at her cause they be hatin ok. Chassy is someone who is very trustworthy,kind and an all-around great person. She is very funny and can always make you laugh. She always has a friends back no mater what. You won't regret meeting her ok. Is also in love with this one person and will always be faithful to that one person no matter what
did you see that girl yesterday? i can tell she was a chassy!
that girl chassy is da best i ever had
why am i so obsessed with chassy
by your motherrrrrrrrrr July 10, 2011
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a younger person or chid of ones who possesses a sassy attitude
She is a total chassy and i don't see why her parents fork out for all those concerts!!

If you're going to be chassy, you won't get to go!
by Word Out of my mouth December 14, 2013
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cum, jizz, skeet, splooge, sperm, semen, spurt, spray, white lava.
sometimes called giovani a.k.a. alfonzo or alfred.
Ex.1 "Man i was so wasted last night!""I woke up and had chassy caked all ovr my face and clothes."

by XTMJT+enrique January 01, 2009
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