Other gay lingo term for Charing, a joke.

Sometimes half meant.
Ang cute mo naman, date tayo minsan. Charot!
by thgrch February 25, 2018
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Slang Term for "It's just a joke" or "I'm kidding"
Him: I love you.
Her: Really? Me too-
Him: I never knew you had the same feeli-
by HeyItsEl September 23, 2020
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When you say something that you don't mean so you add 'charot' (cha-rot)
"I-I like you" Marie said to Mork

"What?!" Mork asked, surprised

"Charot!" Said Marie added by an awkward laugh.
by Tweerrrkkkk January 11, 2021
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Charot means after you banat you put charot at the end.
crush: i saw you yesterdaymy heart got melt when i saw you


Crush: dont mind it all i know from now is I LIKE YOU



Search for any .gif here...
by CHAROT LANG September 28, 2019
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Low-key used in flirting or throwing a shade.
I can be your girlfriend charot!
Omg you’ve gained weight chour.
by idontwannafallasleepjustyet January 30, 2020
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Just kidding.

Charot. Char. Char lang.

It’s gay lingo that’s being used by most when delivering a half-meant joke or when they say something true or sometimes exaggerated, to have a lighter mood.
Yaman mo na ah! Pautang naman ako! Charot!” (You are already rich! Lend me some! Charot!) Praising the second person and jokingly ask to borrow money.

“Wow. Namayat ka. Makapag-diet na nga din. Char lang!” (Wow. You got thinner. I should have my diet also. Char lang.) Interpretation: I want to have the same goal as you, but I don’t want to do it or I can not do it.
by MacBook-Bro December 05, 2017
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