A kick ass Tv show that has 3 NOW FOUR hot girls in it. They Are Witches w/ Aaaaaawsome powers, they wear skimppy clothes and look great doing so. They Rock and so does the show and to those who think it sucks ass, FUCK YOU AND YOU CAN KISS MY ASS! AND for those of you who think they mock the wiccan religion the only reason you ARE wiccan is because of this show, YOU JUST GOT SERVED PLAYA!
Damn, its 7:50, i gotta get home in time to Catch CHARMED on the WB Sunday's at 8, 7 Central.

Did you see last night's episode of CHARMED, the power of 3 looked HOT!!!!!
by OneFlyBi November 27, 2005
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Fucking disgraceful TV show about three supposed "witches" who are so fucking stupid that every episode is about one of them going out with a guy who *SURPRISE* turns out to be a demon! These three bitchy moles make sure the whole hour is filled to the gills with the same smart-mouthed, machine-gun dialogue that makes watching this and the Gilmore Girls about as much fun as sticking your chap in the toaster.

The appeal to teenage girls is therefore obvious, but this show strangely attracts a male audience who think that putting up with an hour of this shit every week is worth it because they're "hot". Guys, did you know that you can get movies with better looking chicks who, when they open their mouths, it ain't to talk?

Every thumbs down here is just one more more moronic skank in the world. So come on, let's see how many of you are willing to put your hands up and say "I'm a Charmed-watching dickhead too!"

Hey George, here's your real axis of Evil: Charmed, Smallville and the Gilmore Girls.
by Choda Boy 57 January 13, 2007
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Entertaining/infuriating American television series that actually started out pretty decent. When Brad Kern took over the premise changed from "sisters who happen to be witches" to "witches who happen to share a house together, some of the time".

Also, boobs were brought in. Lots and lots of boobs.
Look, it's season one of Charmed! Aww, this episode is sweet.

Look, it's a season eight episode. OH MY GOD, is that Phoebe? Where did she leave all of her weight?

*sees boobs*

by DieLaurenDie May 04, 2007
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a good kickass show that Men like myself used to watch..it follows the life of three sisters who find out they are witches...Pru(shannen Dorethy)Piper(Holly Marie Comb)and Pheobe(alyssa Millano) The first 3 seasons were awsome and Pru was the strongest with her telekinetic abilities..but she was fired due to her actions in the media so they killed her off when the sisters faced the Source. they replaced her with a new sister Paige who was to be kept a secret becuase she was half witch half whitelighter(a guradian angel)which was forbbiden at the time of her birth.this is where the show started to get crappy...Paige is kinda ugly(she needs a f*****g tan)and tends over act her parts..which gets annoying..but the show did keep interest high with Piper having an extremly powerful baby boy named whyatt...who is gooing to turn evil when he grows up.so to stop this his unborn brother Cris comes to help the sisters keep Whyatt from turning evil..after some time Piper accedently summonds Whyatt from the future and hes is a good male witch. After this the sisters face a demon named Zanku and kill him by blowing him up in their basement..every one thinks they're dead but they were actually "astroprojecting" they then hide their identity..the show should have ended but it continues and a new girl named Billy is brought in and its pretty stupid...
the first 3 seasons of Charmed were the best..
by marsspaceman20098 September 23, 2006
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(verb). The process of getting blitzed at a Thai restaurant that your friend bar tends at. This may include intoxication via your friend hooking up the dranks or even ordering your favourite type of fried rice.
Dude, lets get fucking charmed tonight
by $$$$$G-Money91$$$$ November 13, 2011
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A very wonderful show that consists of three main characters: Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano, and Rose McGowan. Each sister has magical powers that are inherited from their ancestors. They use these powers to save people by killing demonic beings.
Did you watch Charmed this week?
Charmed is my favorite television show.
by charminglynne October 29, 2003
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