A popular girl on Tik Tok who just does nothing and gets over 5 million likes
Popular tik tok girl doing nothing and getting millions of likes. Charlie damelio
by Richard 👻👀 July 15, 2020
A 16 year old girl who currently has the "hype" for no reason on tiktok. She moves her arms around for 15 seconds in front of a phone and gets millions of likes. She part of the hypehouse filled with white people. She is surprisingly unproblematic.
Did you see that girl who got millions of like for eating a cake?

Oh yeah that was charli damelio
by Redhouses June 16, 2020
A girl that got famous off the dance she partially stole aka renegade she dated chase/ case Hudson aka lil huddy, aka ,black king, aka, African prince, who later cheated on her with multiple girls and gets millions of veiws for doing absolutely nothing.
OMG isn't that charlie damelios
by jLeahInThisBitch June 12, 2020
A famous tik toker that has no talent at all
Friend: Hey Charli Damelio Is Talented

by ThAtBoYsUs September 24, 2020
Charli Damelio is a non-pog girl who got famous for moving her arms. </3
Omg Charli Damelio Is not pog.
by June 2, 2021
A 17 yr old Tiktoker that has over 100 million followers on Tiktok. She makes millions of dollars just by doing dumb and cheesy dances. However, majority of the dances aren’t even created by her.
Omg bro, my sister is way too obsessed with charli damelio
by hamburger2020 August 12, 2021
Charli Damelio is a famous Tiktoker who gained 100 million followers in less than a year on the app, "TikTok".She has made a drink with Dunkin Donuts, did a collab with Morphie, and performed at the NBA. She has fan pages called her Dunkins! Some say that Charli is overrated and doesn't deserve the attention she is receiving, whereas those are just hateful opinions, and most people believe and know Charli is so talented and has gone through so much and is a strong inspiring young woman who has an amazing life laid ahead of her.
Charli Damelio is a dancer.
by unknownwriter183627190 June 28, 2021