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The most amazing, most beautiful girl you will ever meet. She is wise beyond her years and over thinks a lot of concepts, but gives the best advice. People doubt her because of logic, but she hasn't yet been proven wrong.
She knows me so well. She's such a Charlen!
by UrFaceIsAMonkeyButt December 11, 2010
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Charlen is the most annoying bitch you will ever meet. She does not shut up about herself. You should checkout her YouTube channel because it’s way better than James Charles. She can’t get any pussy at allllll even though she tries. She is smart (sometimes) but is way too lazy. Sometimes she needs to take a breathe and shut the fuck up.she is a ugly bitch
Girl: damn that bitch Charlen. is ugly!!
Boy: ikr
by idk girl idk January 22, 2019
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