A highly unique, interesting person who is worth taking the time to know. Charis is witty, intelligent, passionate, and wise - but often many people just see a part of her complex personality. Not one to succumb to peer pressure, Charis prides herself on her individuality and independence. She has a big heart and will go to any lengths for those who are important to her. If you are friends with a Charis you will have a loyal and affectionate friend for life. Charis loves to laugh and finds humor in everything, being sensitive to the ironies of life. She also has a compelling magnetism (or is it seduction?) that attracts people of all ages and walks of life, particularly of the male sex. Charis is deep and philosophical by nature, but it takes intelligent questions to bring it out. Mysterious and complex, one may never know a Charis in her entirety, but she is a beautiful person, inside and out.
Charis is so intriguing I don't think I'll ever figure her out
by Headphonez October 10, 2015
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Somebody who doesn't care about anything anybody says. Charis is a given name derived from a Greek word meaning "grace, kindness, and life" In Greek mythology, a Charis is one of the Charites or "Graces", goddesses of charm, beauty, nature, human creativity and fertility; and in Homer's Iliad, Charis is the wife of Hephaestus. She will love hard and break easy. she is very loyal. Once u are friends with a Charis then u will want to be her friends forever.
I have never see a more beautiful name then the name of Charis G. Hooper.
by chariiisssssssss October 21, 2019
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Is the bestest person ever, the most intelligent person in the room, the smartest person in the room, super kind, and is the best in the whole wide world.
Wow Charis is so awesome
by Poker100 October 11, 2021
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A charis is a girl , usually a Taurus or a Scorpio, she tends to be patient and short tempered at the same time , probably the most misunderstood human being on the planet. A Charis (which is someone short for Charissa) isn’t ugly but is one of the most genuinely insecure people .She likes to travel in packs of 3 but always finds a way to subtly be the leader . She is really sweet and believe it or not very wise , so do come to a Charis with your problems. She is the most loyal person you will meet

She has a dark side , Charis’ can be very mean and are often described as a bad bitch (which isn’t bad) but they take no rubbish from anyone and if you make her angry she will hold on to it for a very long time, if you are friends with a Charis know your place because she IS the BOSS . Despite all this she is a beautiful girl with so many secrets ,scars and pains and because of this she is the strongest woman out there
Person 1: That girl is so flipping hard to understand , she is a baddie but there is something else

Person 2: Or maybe she is just a Charis
by Guess I’m still a kid September 1, 2021
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The most amazing, quirky, beautiful, sweetest, caring, loving, creative, wonderful, awesome, hilarious girl in the world! The best best friend you could ask for. Has a big butt, loves Sour Patch Kids, laughing, creepy/scary movies, Dr.Wham, super heroes, music, dancing, boys, Covergirl, Sixteen Candles, pepperoni pizza, and is a total klutz.
Hi. My name is Charis and Lizzy is my bestest friend in the whole wide world!! I like to skip and creep in high heels at church!
by LizDizzleCriss November 28, 2011
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Plot twist, a guys name
Very handsome
Stubborn but usually right

Tall and hilarious

Surprisingly good manners

Had a rough childhood but grateful nonetheless
Ex1 Charis told me to go right but I went straight on red run blvd after the movies when it was raining and he took my dongle and his jacket back because he was mad. Right was faster

Ex2 I really want Charis to know how sorry I am and to please love me again
by 7thsideofacube March 26, 2019
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a sweet girl who is usually shy and sometimes anti social. she likes to hang out with a friend but doesn't do well in big groups. she has big aspirations for her life and a quirky sense of humor. but she often fades into the background
That girl is nice but she's really shy and quiet, she's a bit of a Charis
by lammylamer August 7, 2010
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