Also known as Tamikah
She is a strong independant hot Jamaican with dreads to her ass that Likes to be near home ie surfin in da carribean breeze

Stays true to her rasta roots and likes chillin with her blood brother Maracca

Enjoys smoking the ganja and listening to some reggae.
When Charis is in tawn yeah da boiz come runnin rand she get da titz owt get cha get cha titz owt.

Just ya chill der tamikah, i be rollan home soon.

One love, One heart, lets get togeva and be alright.
by Morrocan Devil January 31, 2012
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The girl that you want to stay in your life forever. She’s amazing, funny, talented, and smart. She’s the most amazing best friend you’ll ever meet and there’s no denying it. She doesn’t know it but everyone around her is always smiling and happy. She is stunning and any guy would be lucky to have her. She probably has a crush on a bunch of actors though. If you know a Chari, NEVER LET HER GO!
Wow, how did I get a best friend like you Chari?
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by ily twin #ilysebastianstan November 20, 2018
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pure chav, sucks you off if you ask will go all the way, desperate, family issues, extra baggage not gf material will die alone.
"who's the absolute munter"
"its Charis"
by DefoNotTheBigGay9(; November 20, 2018
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Just a boy who just happens to be my brother
Men with the name chari are unique and also named after fk river
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by Big forhead December 14, 2020
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