Character Assassination is the act of attempting to influence the portrayal or reputation of a particular person, causing others to develop an extremely negative perception of him/her. By its nature, it involves deliberate exaggeration or manipulation of facts to present an untrue picture of the targeted person.

Basically, it is spreading rumours and talking bad about somebody, to make people hate them.
1. I'm just another victim of Character Assassination.

2. The media and politicians are Character Assassins.
by MichaelToTheJ May 14, 2007
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1. To deliberately destroy someone’s good reputation by exaggerating their flaws, spreading negative falsehoods, and/or manipulating facts.

2. (In fiction) When a normally sympathetic and/or intelligent character is derailed with bad writing by an author and/or creator erasing previously established positive development exaggerating their worst flaws (flanderdization), and/or by making them behave in out of character (OOC) ways that make them come across as unsympathetic and stupid out of nowhere for the sake of creating cheap shock value, forcing a character into the villain role with no organic lead up, retreading previously established character development by undoing it of nowhere to do it all over again, and/or in order for the creator/author to prop up another character and/or ship they unfairly favor as “good” and/or “redeemed” without having to actually put in any sort of effort to develop their favorites in to people who are actually behaving in ways that make them worthy of redemption by attempting to emotionally manipulate the audience to forget about the bad ways in which their favorites have behaved and/or the bad things their favorite character has done by deliberately pulling a character assassination on other characters and/or ships to make them seem just as bad, if not worse, in comparison to their favorites.
1. Who wrote these lies about me in this article? I’m not the horrible person they are making me out to be here! This is character assassination!

2. Emma Swan from Once Upon A Time was such a badass, intelligent, kindhearted, and selfless young woman. Then, she got set up with Hook, and became a mean-spirited, violent, and selfish sidekick to him on her own show. What horrible character assassination!
by AliceKettle February 1, 2021
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Trying to destroy someone's reputation. This can be used to invalidate the person's claims after Post hoc. To project a status of moral or social inferiority on to a person and use their past to take their life away.
After my Character Assassination nobody can do any wrong around or to me. Run a sex cult in a retard house or do whatever you want to me. Mine is the only past that matters as far as they are concern and because of my past I am not allowed to participate in the present because the smug holier than thou garbage can stand to look at the face of their own hypocrisy. I display deviant behavior? It only justifies their behavior. The twist is that they don't have to be shunned for their wrong doings. They just get to hide behind their masks because the only person who knows what's behind the mask is me. And you've already been told not to listen to me. Why? Because I'm dead. My character has been assassinated. The word I speak lose all of their meaning. So, right now you think you're reading english but in reality you've been reading gibberish. My character was killed by a fat loser who works at McDonald's because they know someone who know of me.
by Hym Iam September 28, 2020
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