Chaotic energy is when you pick up very strong vibes from someone.

These vibes are so strong the average person can feel it, no inception check needed.
P1: Dude, Austin has a ton of chaotic energy.
P2: ikr
by SUS oWo November 11, 2019
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a friend group of 8 that is an elite batch of singaporean idiots
phyo: youre such a chaotic cows today
kab: ikr, i cant stop being high
by dvesl April 24, 2021
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Being Chaotic neutral is to be subscribed to both PewDiePie and T-Serkes
Person 1: Hey person 2 are you subscribed to PewDiePie?
Person 2: I'm chaotic neutral
Person 1: I see how it is
by Unlimited power February 25, 2019
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Millie O’Connell has Chaotic energy
Any Millie stan: Millie O’Connell has chaotic energy during megasix
by Stan the pigeon June 06, 2020
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A person who creates havoc
"Lets go throw water bombs at old ladies! I am a chaotic agent"
by wootfox September 08, 2006
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An alignment out of the 9 Dungeons and Dragons alignments that focuses his or her's life on doing what they believe is right and wrong. They'll bring peace safety, tranquility, and most importantly freedom across society.
Mario: So Mark what's your D and d alignment,
daniel: Chaotic neutral

Selena: Lawful; good
Mark: Chaotic good, sick of this stupid system knowing so much about treating people differently instead of the same with kindeess and respect.
by EarthMania12 April 06, 2021
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having a strict moral code, but it is so confusing no one can figure out what it is
Person: if your parents had an alignment, what would it be
another person: definitely chaotic lawful.
by -the skunk July 31, 2020
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