A group of teens that are both chill and very much insane.
Some kid: Hey who are they?
Some other kid: Oh that's Chaotic Vibes

Chaotic Vibes: I will punt you into the sun
Also Chaotic Vibes: Let's go to the mall and just hang out and eat pretzels.
by Skys_Cha0s April 30, 2021
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A character in Dungeons & Dragons games with a "Chaotic Evil" alignment, played poorly and to the detriment of the game, usually resulting in the deaths of the character and his allies.

(See also: Lawful Stupid)
Chaotic Stupid Player: I kill the girl.

DM: ...Why?

Chaotic Stupid Player: Because I'm evil.

DM: Okay, you murder the little girl in front of everyone to show how totally badass and evil you are. The militia charge you down and kill you.
by Yorenaymkantbiblanc August 14, 2010
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A chaotic bisexual is a bisexual who cant handle their hormones when they find an attractive person.

(I am a Chaotic Bisexual RIP)
Dean gasped at the cute guy he just saw, and minutes later he did the same for a cute girl and cant control himself.
His friends call him a Chaotic Bisexual based on how he acts
by lolxdrip April 16, 2019
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When the male penis becomes uncontrollably erect after the feeling of victory or pride, primarily because a video game.
The gamer got a chaotic machete after he got a victory royale on Fortnite with his duo partner.
by Skinny McDougal January 27, 2020
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Someone who has no readable energy and never stops shitposting. Goes for high-effort shitposts and is probably a top.
Freind 1: How was your grindr date?
Friend 2: It was cool, found out he's a chaotic shitposter
by 18cowboys July 09, 2020
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When someone of the opposite sex makes your pants go crazy.
Dude, when Allison touches me, it causes chaos in my underloins! You know, like the movie, Chaotic underloins.
by BubblyVagina June 26, 2014
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