An anime dubbing company that obviously hates this generation, making shows such as Yugioh to be looked down upon in the U.S. They're the kind of people that could make a hentai into a show about the power of friendship or some bullshit. One of the main reasons anime has kinda died in the U.S. I'd rather watch a whole year's worth of Bleach filler.

Examples of ruined anime:

One Piece: "YA YO YA YO! DREAMIN! Don't give it up Luffy! DREAMIN! ..."

Yugioh: Believe in the heart of the cards!
4kids: Hey look! It's a popular anime that's critically acclaimed in Japan. Let's take all the good parts and take it out! Even the voice actors hate dubbing this show, but we just keep fucking them with a 20-inch dild- I mean we politely ask them to keep working on the dub.
by SuckMyDickBitch July 26, 2012
A mediocre dubbing company known for making a mess of otherwise good anime shows (ex.; One-Piece,Tokyo Mew-Mew).And did a rather awful rendition of the "Star-Spangled Banner"(thank the gods they didn't do O Canada).And,Most recently,Turning the FOX network's Saturday mornings into an infomercial-wasteland.Do not be surprised if,come September,the same thing happens to the CW(formerly WB & UPN) network's Saturday mornings!
guy1;"Dude,whatever happened to fox kids?"
guy2;"Ah, some lame-ass dubbin' company called 4kids bought it up in 2K2,showed a buncha badly dubbed crap fer 6 loooong years,left FOX over some dumb money dispute,and now saturday mornin's on FOX are nothin' but scamfomercials"
guy1;"woah,bummah,dude.4kids just ain't happenin'".
by spike12 March 19, 2009
EvilDemons from the Television Underworld which grab animes down to their lair to be gruesomely slaughtered. It's a dreadful scene...*sniff* We're all cheering Naruto on to get away from this great evil, but can the show evade a grisly maim just like its friends?
Anime: La la la leh la...*strolling happily* *gets dragged down by 4Kids to be brutally murdered* AIEEEEEEE!!!
by DudeWho'sJustABitNuts August 8, 2006
The worst anime liscensing/dubbing firm in the world. They really started the kiddie-anime boom in the U.S. with pokemon, which made them billionares.

Later on, they liscensed Yugioh and turned it into a hack-fest that made the Card Captor dub look good. The changed nearly everyone's names, altered the main storyline, censored any deaths in the show (either saying the dead charecter went to "The shadow Relm" or "Mysterisouly dissapeared"), added in this "Heart of the Cards" shit (and made nearly everything the charectars say mention the heart of the cards), replaced the ENTIRE soundtrack with shitty Saturday-morning cartoon music, and worst of all, mutaliated the dialog and gave the series THE WORST voice cast ever. And they didnt even release uncut DVDs... In the end, this series made them millionares.

4kids ended up buying fox kids, changed the name to fox boc, removed most of the shows, and added in a few crappy cartoons like the new TMNT and "The Cramp Twinds". They also bought a few new animes (Sonic X, Shaman King, Ultimate muscle, and Kirby: Right Back at Ya) to release on the fox box. While none of them were quite as bad as yugioh, they still sucked horribly. Shaman King had most of its dialog TOTALLY rewitten and its main charecter (yoh) changed from a carefree guy to a total asshole. Sonic X got a shitty dub cast. Ultimate muscle and Kirby...sucked from the begining. All of these animes had thier soundtracks replaced (they even recyled tracks. Sonic X's new soundtrack is IDENTICLE to shaman king, except for the opening music).

They recently liscensed Tokyo Mew Mew (which looks to me alot like sailor moon), and according to Al Khan, the evil bastard CEO of 4kids, they are planning to edit it tremendsouly (Hell, the are releaseing it under the name HOLLYWOOD Mew Mew...). They also seem to be going after the uber-popular anime "Naruto". With the shitload of money that 4kids has gained from YGO, i sympithize with naruto fans.
4kids is the reason that anime is so widely hated in the U.S.
They must be stopped before they get thier hands on a truly good anime.
by Metal Head June 24, 2004
A fucked up dubbing company bent on ridding the world of:
good voice acting
Japanese text
English text
Japanese culture
English culture
original music
original names
original Anime titles
rice balls
mini skirts
uncut DVDs
good dialog
and everything but fingers, water guns, lollipops, censorship, and eternal hellfire.

The COMPLETE OPPOSITE of a GOOD dubbing company such as FUNimation.

Also, see evil tyrannical company
Me: 4Kids is evil and stupid at the same time.

Comparison of 4Kids to FUNimation:
4Kids < FUNimation
1 < infinity
by Yep Nope September 12, 2005
The butcher of animeThe make the show more American friendly so they are
offended when the see some thing on the tv program that
they find upsetting I live in America and I getting a little sick
of all the changes in anime that 4Kids makes when they
get it licensed over here. I hae got all my comp isp address block
try to fix Wikipedia’s definition for them but had it changed back to what
it said originally. If you are a major hater of this company then you know
what I am talking about when I say 4kids must crash and burn to the ground
and have to major fine for ruining great anime when they tried to make them more
American friendly. If this is America where we have freedom of speech and so on
What is wrong with a little upsetting tv. If you do not like whats on just change the
4Kids have decently ruined Ojamajo Doremi by calling it Magical DoReMi and absolutely butchered it with the dubing and translations.
by Al-mal May 12, 2008
A shitty-ass company who bastardizes good anime.They have bastardized my favorite manga, Shaman King, and changed every single name to names that you would call your pet(take mortimer for instance)!And I have recently found out that they are about to bastardize yet ANOTHER one of my favorite mangas, Naruto. Thank god they havent gotten to Bleach or Hunter X Hunter yet(my other 2 fav mangas)! Seriously, who's with me to start an angry mob!!!

Also see: The Four Horsemen
Mortimer:Hey, Yoh, Have you seen 'lenny'?

Yoh:No, I think he died.

4Kids executives:No!!!! say something else!!!!

Yoh:He went on vacation 0_o
by 4Kidswillburninhell April 30, 2005