2 definitions by SpunkyElle

Talks about others, tries to start trouble, gets others involved in trouble
Sometimes known as "Dramatic"
Dont tell her anything, she'll just run around and tell everyone else. She's so chaotic!
by SpunkyElle January 08, 2010
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To have nothing better to do.
To go with your last option.
To get ripped off.
To miss out on something.
To be lame.
"He bailed on me! I'm beat for a ride now!"
"I'll play a game of uno because I'm just that beat."
"You paid $20 for this! You got beat!"
"I'm not going to Jack's, he's beat."

"I'm going to bed, I'm not beat for this conversation"
"He thinks I'm going to wash the dishes? I'm not beat for that!"
by SpunkyElle January 08, 2010
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