Chaotic chaotic is a lot like chaotic neutral where they will reject commands and rules but instead of doing things for the good or bad of others they’ll do things in spite of people and to cause complete chaos they also take control of many situations just to “de-rail” them and watch it all burn. People who are described as “chaotic chaotic” seem to have an unnatural infatuation with fire and sharp objects they are usually not the people you want to give a lighter to. But chaotic chaotic people are not “evil” but also aren’t “good” or “neutral” they tend to not stay out of a situation and if angered tend to be excessively violent. Be careful they will sometimes be described as a loose cannon or wild card. Don’t mess with them because they have short tempers and can turn a crowd against you in a second. It’s a good idea to get on ones good side because they will defend their friends relentlessly even risking their own lives.
Hey that guy over there is chaotic chaotic keep him away from fire!
by Itikio August 15, 2019
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