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Someone who frequently visits "that website" or one of the other chans.
You go on *beep*chan? Wow, i didnt know you were a channer too!
by Cant be traced September 15, 2009
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someone who is very friendly and lovable and who hates bitches named nigha and forgives persons like tuyen
wow thats an awesome channers! i'd go bannaners if i could have that channers!
by channers February 26, 2004
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A girl who who is above 5ft 8in and cares deeply about how other people feel and is shy and quiet. Has a Beautiful voice when she sings and only wants a good relationship that will last. But don’t attempt to play with feeling her because she will bite back with absolutely no hesitation!!!
Guy:Damn I want her
Other guy:who channer no she’s mine
by Bryee Jordan September 23, 2018
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