Someone who frequently visits "that website" or one of the other chans.
You go on *beep*chan? Wow, i didnt know you were a channer too!
by Cant be traced September 15, 2009
someone who is very friendly and lovable and who hates bitches named nigha and forgives persons like tuyen
wow thats an awesome channers! i'd go bannaners if i could have that channers!
by channers February 27, 2004
a person who is older than 18 yrs old and still watches disney channel ...get a life
me:what are you watching ?
disney channer :disney channel ..isnt miley hot?
me:dude really worry me...
by znge March 2, 2009
Noun Adverb Adjective Verb
-Someone who uses 12 chan regularly.
-Creepy old men who give young people that come-hither look.
Sarah: Ew! That old guy is so weird!
Mitzi: Such a 12-channer!
by Hamster Man Jones January 13, 2008
A creepy old man who has a fascination with young children and or lolicon such a person can be named as Roman the Russian
Roman the Russian
Michael Jordan
Osama bin Ladin
John McCain
12 channer
one who licks their scrotum and secretes anal fudge
by subwayeatfrisch October 20, 2008
A girl who who is above 5ft 8in and cares deeply about how other people feel and is shy and quiet. Has a Beautiful voice when she sings and only wants a good relationship that will last. But don’t attempt to play with feeling her because she will bite back with absolutely no hesitation!!!
Guy:Damn I want her
Other guy:who channer no she’s mine
by Bryee Jordan September 23, 2018