An asian gangster. Usually dresses like a typical black man.

Changsters wear baggy jeans, baggy hoodies, baggy shirts, baggy hats, baggy whatevers.

They also like sushi and I guess anime porn.
Jon: Yo dawg, sup my chigger.

Dave: Sup bro.

Jon: I just busted a cap in that cracker walkin' down the street, and then I drove away in my lowrider while eating some chinese takeout.

Dave: Fuckin' right dawg. WEST SIIIIDE!

Jon: So what did ya'll do Chinka?

Dave: I went gangbangin', ate some sushi and jacked off to anime porn. And I also wear my bandana while doing it.


Black Man: Bitches get da fuck outta here, dis is nigger territory! *Shoots Changsters*
by I hate emo punks May 08, 2009
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An Asian wannabe gangster. More commonly referred to as "yakuza members". It is also a word used in the song "Party Like A Rockstar"}
"Yo, Waz up, baka 'no' baita?"
"Uh, you just called me a stupid slut in Japanese."
"So, I'mma bust a in your butt."
"Real cool. mumble*Changster* mumble"
by Skyedot September 25, 2009
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