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a very ghetto asian who shoots any bitch out there.and is from the hood
boy 1:that asian gangster shot me last night.
boy 2:Damn suck for you niga
boy 1:And i was really bleeding.
by jockofer July 14, 2009
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Asian Gangsters, or AGs for short, is a term commonly used to describe people of oriental descent who reside in the area of Surrey. They are known as the Surrey Boys. They frequently use the term "bro" and proceed to "smash up" those who offend them.

Asian Gangsters spend most of their time chasing Little Girls, or LGs, at the mall.

To become an Asian Gangster one must own branded goods such as Louis Vuitton or Gucci as this is a trademark signature of an AG. They frown upon those who don't own any LV or Gucci items, and refer to them as "Big FOIGs".

An Asian Gangster must also never have written an apology or do so in the future as a result of defeat in the game of Fifa by a 5 goal margin. Doing so will immediately strip said person of an Asian Gangster status.
Commonly used by Chengman on YouTube

Chengman: It is I, Chengman, and I'm at the mall today to look for some LGs!
Chengman: Yo WTF you say bro? You want me to get Surrey Boys to come SMASH YOU!

Me: Hey Lips, get a load of this!
Lips: Man, you be trippin! Asian Gangster for life!
Me: Na dawg, you ain't no AG.. you a Big FOIIIG!
by KatSam12 September 18, 2013
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