Slang for " Don't be such a prick."
To become a better, happier person, not only focusing on your happiness, but the happiness of others, through random acts of kindness.

Graphic Design Class, 2011
Holding the door open for someone else.
Giving a smile to a stranger, no matter what mood you're in.
Giving to charity, small donations make a big difference.
Give someone a piece of gum.
Compliment someone.
Say hello.
Leave the room to fart.

Used in a Sentence:

Jon: Did you see Nick hold the door open for that girl? He never does anything like that.
Ben: Ya, he is really trying to Change it up.
by Thekarmathing April 10, 2011
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The cops are on to us, we'd better change up.
by Jim King December 18, 2004
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When a friend is normal without a girlfriend, but as soon as they get one they act way different
Ever since you hooked up with niki you've been a change up jacob.
by Jenx August 25, 2017
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When a friend gets in a relationship and begins to "change up" ( AKA be a fag ) their behavior.
"Josh come play Fortnite with us."
"Nah man imma be super gross with stephanie on the couch might suck her titty a little."
"Man you changed up."
by Rfrogthecurved March 4, 2018
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1. Phrase chanted at someone to encourage them to skull their drink. Often prompted by discreet drink evasion or whining about how they can't skull or have work the next day. The phrase conveys both an implied threat and disgust in the party it is directed at.

2. To a lesser extent may replace phrase "man up" when someone is piking on a particular activity or event"
"Same again mate?"

"Nah, I think i'll take it easy from now on, I've got work tomorrow."

"Fucking chang up son!"
by kempatron November 20, 2009
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When the mexican makes you cut his grass.
I called the local landscaping company, but got hit with the Cholo Change Up.
by jhowtheone April 20, 2020
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Fondly named after one infamous french-canadian, changing the order of rotation during a session by passing the piece in the incorrect direction.
Hoover grimaced as he realized his egregious error of passing the dutchie an the right hand side, fulfilling his first error of a canadian change-up
by Scuba October 7, 2003
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