Chamo is a Venezuelan term for buddy, pal, or friend. Chamo, Chama (feminine)
Hey chamo, good to see you man...
by El Triki December 20, 2004
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Liberian slang for young female
Looka la chamo over there with lay big butt
by $Wow November 23, 2021
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One who is NOT the "champ". Almost a mix of champ and homo. Rumor has it that it started as a mis-type during a chat session. I.E. "Yeah dude! You're the fucking chamo!" meant as sarcasim.

see also. fucktard
"Heh heh...number 3 just hit the wall, what a chamo"

"This place is chamo...I'm outta' here"
by mafianinja June 30, 2004
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The opposite of chamois. A chamois soaks up water. Chamo, chamoed, is a verb and means getting smeared or sprayed with fluid.

Rumor has it that this was a typo from an online chat session but the word that was misspelled was chamois.
"this chamois sucks, i just chamoed my car"

"i just chamoed myself, i need a shower"
by nomeus July 1, 2004
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some one who is a homo
James said "you madd chamo! you not evern like that!"
by SummerSkoolFun August 3, 2010
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A person who is part Chav and Part emo.
Emotional Pussy's That Dress In chav clothes but get's really emotional and complanes about everything. E.G. Movies, games and music. They also have a habit of thinking the world is against them but still try and act like chavs. Hence The Word Chamo
by Nathan Hull September 3, 2006
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a chamo is part cha and part emo.
look at that chamo in his bro truck
by Elizabeth Romo December 1, 2006
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