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Code word for vape preferably juul or phix. Used to hide the real name in public places like school.
“Yo Olean chama break?”
“Yo brichard did you bring your chama to school today?”
by Mast 2019 December 16, 2017
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An honorary for someone you know very well and love, but also respect.
Beana-chama! You are the bestest friend a girl could ever have!! :D
by BlairNite October 10, 2010
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Word commonly used in Venezuela, Ecuador, and some of Colombia to describe a friend.

Similar to pana, or girl
Heavily used by Venezuelan YouTuber La Divaza.

Una palabra que es comúnmente utilizado en Venezuela, Ecuador y partes de Colombia para describir una amiga o un amigo.

La palabra es similar a pana o compañera(o).

muy utilizado por Youtube estrella de Venezuela, La Divaza
¡Hola chama!

Dime el chisme, chama
by heated gamer April 22, 2018
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A guy with shaggy hair and tight pants, showing signs of a higher intelligence.
What a Chamas! I really wanna cut his hair. He thinks he knows everything!
by E-Gonja December 07, 2010
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A phrase used by African-American people to clown on Cambodians with.

The phrase, "Chyea, ma" was originally used by a young bi-racial (African-American and Cambodian) girl in Seattle to say "Yes" to her Cambodian grandmother, who she refers to as "Mom" (ma). While saying this in front of a young African-American female from Tacoma, she realized this was the easiest thing to say and began to address Cambodian's around Seattle as, "Cha ma."
Cambodian girl: I really want some fried rice
African-American girl: Man, that is so Cha Ma of you to say.

Cambodian girl: I wore socks with my flip-flops to school today.
African American girl: That's some Cha Ma shit.
by emmdeezee September 09, 2010
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